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I have never been one of those people who is overly concerned about messes in their house, but a few months ago I noticed that our carpet was absolutely hammered. We had frieze carpet that was completely matted down, and it was really embarrassing. It made our home look filthy, so I started thinking more seriously about going through and replacing all of it. I started working on the project, and it took a few months. However, when we were finally done switching out the flooring, it looked beautiful and I was really happy with it. Check out this blog for more information on flooring choices for your home.


4 Tips To Remember When Buying Marble Floor Tiles

29 January 2021
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When it comes to flooring, marble tiles are among the best option for homeowners looking for a sleek and elegant home. Gone are the days when marble tiles were used only in the living area because there are a bunch of options to consider depending on your style, quality, traffic, budget, size, and patterns. Below are four tips to consider while purchasing marble floor tiles. 1. Understand Marble's Natural Qualities Read More …