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I have never been one of those people who is overly concerned about messes in their house, but a few months ago I noticed that our carpet was absolutely hammered. We had frieze carpet that was completely matted down, and it was really embarrassing. It made our home look filthy, so I started thinking more seriously about going through and replacing all of it. I started working on the project, and it took a few months. However, when we were finally done switching out the flooring, it looked beautiful and I was really happy with it. Check out this blog for more information on flooring choices for your home.


Maintaining Your Floor Drain

2 March 2018
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Proper drainage is essential in commercial locations where water can accumulate on the floor. Installing a commercial floor drain provides you with a simple way to send water from a pressure washer or manufacturing process safely into the sewer system for disposal. Although a floor drain can be a useful tool, these drains can quickly become a source of stress if they are not maintained properly. Learning to care for your floor drain will help you ensure that the drain remains functional well into the future. Read More …

3 Tips When Switching From Carpeting To Hardwood Flooring

13 December 2017
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If you've only had carpeting in your home for a long time, you may be unsure about the maintenance that's involved in other types of flooring. Hardwood flooring can be a great alternative to carpeting due to how easy it is to clean and its timeless look, but you may be worried about what goes into keeping the hardwood flooring in the greatest condition possible. Instead of getting new hardwood flooring installed without much thought beforehand, consider the following tips that can help you prep your home for new hardwood floors. Read More …

4 Great Flooring Options For Home Sellers

24 September 2017
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The floor in your house is a major factor when it comes to appraising the overall value. This is why floor remodeling is so popular for homeowners who plan on selling in the near future. If you can update your floors before putting your house on the market, you can definitely increase the appraisal value. Of course, if you are going to invest in new floors, you want a product that is cost-effective. Read More …

Laminate Flooring: Three Things To Consider

29 June 2017
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When it comes to choosing new flooring for the home, laminate may not be the first choice of many homeowners. However, this material can be incredibly versatile, attractive, and easy to maintain. It can also be quick and easy to install. Laminate can be placed throughout much of the home and often costs less than other flooring materials. Here are three things that homeowners who are thinking about installing laminate flooring should consider before making their decision. Read More …

Is it Stone, Marble, Tile? No, It Is One Of These Top 3 Custom Concrete Finishes

26 June 2017
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When you visit a friend, you might walk in and see elegant custom floors that look like they are made of imported marble tiles, stone or other materials. That elegant look on the floor is actually a custom concrete finish, which is an affordable solution for different concrete surfaces in your home. Have you fantasized about having floors in your home that look like they belong in a palace? As you look down at them, you see your reflection because of the gleaming finish on the surface. Read More …