Wood Floors And Renovations: How To Make Your Home Durable And Efficient With New Hardwood

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Wood Floors And Renovations: How To Make Your Home Durable And Efficient With New Hardwood

21 October 2020
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When you are ready to install new floors in your home, hardwood materials give you a lot of options for designs and improvements. Today, there are options for insulated padding, as well as durable materials that are designed to last. The following information will give you durable flooring and improve the efficiency of your home:

Choosing underlayments that improve wood flooring

The underlayment is an important feature of your hardwood flooring. Today, there are several options for wood floors, depending on the materials that you are using. Some of the underlayments that can be used for your new wood floors include:

  • Conventional asphalt felt paper
  • Synthetic moisture barriers
  • Insulated thermal padding

The right underlayment for wood floors will make them more durable and efficient. Talk to your hardwood flooring service about the best underlayments for your new floors.

Natural wood flooring options for durable floors

You may also want to consider natural wood for the new floors you are planning to install in your home. Today, there are many options for natural materials that can look great for your interior design renovations. The best natural wood floors to install in your home include:

  • Domestic hardwoods like oak and walnut
  • Softwoods like cedar, pine, and cypress
  • Tropical hardwoods like Ipe

Some of the best natural wood products are domestic hardwoods like oak. If you want an affordable and durable hardwood floor, white oak is an excellent choice for your floors.

Wood alternatives for a custom design for renovations

Today, composites and engineered lumber techniques make it possible to use other materials like bamboo for your wood floors. These alternatives can give you floors that have a unique custom design and a different look than conventional hardwood materials. Talk to your wood flooring installer about bamboo options and other alternatives to the natural hardwoods that are usually installed in homes.

Engineered wood solutions to give your durable home floors

You also want to consider using engineered flooring materials. These are special wood flooring products that are designed to be easy to install. They can be installed over thermal padding underlayments, which make them an ideal solution for energy efficiency improvements. Some of the different engineered wood flooring options you may want to use for your renovations include:

  • Premium wood veneers
  • Tropical lumber finishes
  • Bamboo wood floors

These are some of the engineered wood flooring products that you may want to consider for your new floors.

If you want to add elegant floors that also improve your home's energy efficiency, wood is a great option. Call a wood flooring service and talk to them about these solutions for the floors you have installed in your home.