Add Beauty To Your Home With Colorful Concrete Floor Tiles

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Add Beauty To Your Home With Colorful Concrete Floor Tiles

19 September 2018
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If you want something more colorful and stylish than wood or vinyl flooring when you renovate your home, you may want to consider concrete floor tiles. These tiles are popular because they are so versatile and durable, and they have advantages over other types of flooring and tiles. Here's why you should think about using concrete floor tiles in your home, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Concrete Tiles Are Durable

One of the best things about concrete flooring is that it is so durable. The tiles are manufactured with color pigments added to the tiles so there is no worry about the design or color fading or being scuffed off like can happen with ceramic tiles that have a painted surface. Concrete tolerates water so it's good flooring for a bathroom or kitchen. It resists scratches and other damage from furniture, pets, and high foot traffic.

Concrete Tiles Can Make Beautiful Designs

When you choose concrete tiles, you can create a custom look for your home. The tiles can be made according to the pattern and colors you choose. This gives you a lot of flexibility with interior design. You might want a solid color floor or you may want one with a bold pattern to liven up a space.

Concrete tiles can be placed on the walls too, so you can create an interesting look by matching floor and wall tiles in a bathroom. You can also mix and match the tiles to create a patterned space in the middle of the living room that's surrounded by plain tiles on the border which is like having a permanent rug in the room. You're not limited to buying concrete tiles off the shelf since you can have them made to match your décor or to create any artsy design you can imagine.

Concrete Tiles Are Easy To Maintain

You can seal and polish the tiles to protect them from stains and to give them luster. Once that's done, all you'll have to do to maintain the flooring is to sweep it often and mop it regularly. Avoid using acidic cleaning products on the tiles or detergents that leave a dull film behind.

Over time, the top layer of the tiles might look worn and dull. This can be fixed by polishing the tiles to remove a fine layer from the top so the beauty of the deep color shows through again. This process will keep your tiles looking like new for many years to come.

Once you start looking at concrete floor tiles, you'll appreciate their beauty and versatility. They could be the perfect choice for your home when you want beautiful flooring that is durable and easy to maintain.