What To Look For When Selecting Flooring Materials For Your School

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What To Look For When Selecting Flooring Materials For Your School

19 June 2018
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If you're in charge of selecting the flooring materials for a new school or for an old school that is getting all new floors, there are certain things you'll need to consider before selecting a specific material for the floors. Various materials may be used on the floors of a school building, including linoleum and vinyl, but it's best to know which of these materials is going to last longer while requiring much less maintenance, especially in a high traffic area where students are walking around all throughout the day.

Durability For High Traffic

It's important to invest in a durable material for the floors because you're going to have people walking on the floors all day long. Students, teachers, and even their parents who come through the building will walk around to different classrooms and come in and out of the office. When dealing with so much foot traffic, it makes the most sense to look for a material that is going to withstand all that foot traffic without wearing down easily and becoming damaged.

Hardwood flooring is known for its durability, but it's often one of the more expensive options. If you're trying to cut costs without compromising on quality, laminate flooring is a much cheaper option to consider. The laminate flooring will still look a lot like hardwood, and it's durable enough, but it doesn't cost nearly as much.

Low Maintenance To Save Time

Make sure you're looking for something that requires much less maintenance. While the school may have a janitor who regularly sweeps and mops the floor at night, you don't want to constantly get stuck dealing with different issues on the floor, such as large scratches and all types of scuff marks. High maintenance flooring options aren't ideal in a school setting because children are often walking and running all over the place. If you're looking for one of the best low-maintenance options to get, vinyl tiles are a great choice. They're resistant to stains and water and don't require much upkeep.

Selecting the right material for the floors of any school is crucial. You'll want to find a material to use on the floors that looks good in each room and is durable, stain resistant, slip resistant, and inexpensive. You should compare some of the different materials before selecting a specific one to use inside of your school building. After you've made your selection, the flooring contractors can get started with installing the material of your choice throughout the building. For more information about your options, contact local flooring companies like Epoxy Coating Specialists