Is it Stone, Marble, Tile? No, It Is One Of These Top 3 Custom Concrete Finishes

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Is it Stone, Marble, Tile? No, It Is One Of These Top 3 Custom Concrete Finishes

26 June 2017
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When you visit a friend, you might walk in and see elegant custom floors that look like they are made of imported marble tiles, stone or other materials. That elegant look on the floor is actually a custom concrete finish, which is an affordable solution for different concrete surfaces in your home. Have you fantasized about having floors in your home that look like they belong in a palace? As you look down at them, you see your reflection because of the gleaming finish on the surface. Here are some of the custom concrete finishes that will make your home feel like a place fit for royalty:

1. Concrete Overlay Finishes That Take the Old and Grey Away

The concrete surfaces around your home are worn, grey and may have a few cracks in them. If you have painted the concrete, the layers begin to chip and wear away. There is a way to give these surfaces a makeover and make them look new. Concrete overlay techniques are a special type of finish that is applied to concrete by hand to achieve the look of materials like natural stone. The overlay finish will give areas like patios and garden paths a custom look without costing you a small fortune.

2. Affordable and Elegant Acid Staining Techniques for Fancy Custom Floors

Acid staining is another concrete finishing technique that is used to make surfaces more attractive. One of the benefits of acid staining is that it can be used for custom finishes inside and outside of your home. Custom acid staining can be used to create the look of exotic marble floors in your home. If you are creating outdoor living space, the acid staining can also be used to make outdoor surfaces match the custom floors inside.

3. Stamped Concrete to Give Outdoor Pavements the Look of Hand-laid Stone

The plain pavements in the driveway and sidewalks around your home can also have a custom finish. Due to the heavy wear from cars a driveway receives, stamped concrete is a better solution than layover techniques that can be damaged by vehicle traffic. In addition, stamped concrete is great for the installation of new landscaping paths and pavements that match the custom surface of your driveway.

Concrete is a versatile material that many different custom finishes can be applied to. If you want the look of fancy stone or tile floors, contact a flooring service like KC Marble & Tile and talk with them about porcelain flooring and other finishes for surfaces in your home.