Need To Replace Your Carpet? Go For A Bold Color To Add Character To Your Home

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Need To Replace Your Carpet? Go For A Bold Color To Add Character To Your Home

21 May 2017
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In some homes, you can go your entire life without replacing the floor if it is tile or hardwood. While it will require maintenance such as refinishing or replacing the grout, it is unlike having carpet in your home because this is a flooring type that you will need to change when living in the same place for a long time. An easy solution is to just replace the carpet with a new version of what you have. But, you may feel that your home needs a spark and an excellent way to make this happen is by going bold with the carpet color.

Keep Everything Else the Same

It is common for people to invest in all sorts of changes when they want to a new look in their home. They may paint the walls, replace the furniture, or go out and purchase different decorations. But, you can make your home special by just replacing the carpet in a color that stands out and adds character. This will ultimately save you money by not spending money elsewhere but also taking care of something that needs to be done anyway in replacing the carpet.

Determine the Quality Level

The life expectancy for carpet can range anywhere from 1 to 25 years. If you are looking to stay on the affordable side, you should expect to get medium grade carpet that has around a decade lifespan. This is something that you will want to take into consideration when it comes to getting a bold color. You want to feel confident about liking the color long enough for the carpet to last until it must be replaced.

Pick a Color Wisely

Although it is possible to choose a color such as pink or purple, this may not be the best option when you would still like your carpet to mesh with the rest of your home and anything else you might add later. Dark red is a great idea because it will make some common stains such as red wine not show up easily. Going with a lighter color is an option, it will just take more effort to keep the carpet clean.

Replacing your carpet does not have to be a standard process without any excitement. When you are willing to pick out a bold color for the carpet, it can become something that will change your home in a noticeable way. Talk with a company like Red Mountain Carpet and Tile for more information.