Hardwood Floor Care That Protects Your Investment

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Hardwood Floor Care That Protects Your Investment

14 March 2017
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Are you planning on getting hardwood floors installed in your home? If so, you likely want them because they are beautiful, easy-to-clean, and long lasting. You may not have considered that there are maintenance points to be aware of to protect your new floors. This is particularly true when you have guests or heavy traffic in your home. The following tips can help protect your hardwood floors.

Your Floor Finish

Your floors will be installed with a high-quality finish. Its purpose is to protect your floors by repelling stains from spills. The finish also protects against dents, dings, dents and scratches. Property owners get comfortable with having their durable floors, and they may forget the professional maintenance requirements. To keep protecting your floors looking great you will need to get them refinished when needed. 

Additional Protection

Ensure that you make good use of rugs and mats throughout your home. These can protect your floors in areas of high traffic. Your selections do not have to be boring, and it does not have to be obvious that they are serving the purpose of protecting your floors. For example, you can choose rugs and mats that complement your furniture and interior design. Even if you are not a huge fan of additional floor coverings, ensure you utilize them when you have guests who may not understand that they could damage your floors. 

Potential Causes of Damage

- Furniture:  When moving furniture across floors, ensure you protect your floor. One of the best ways to do this is to use thick, old bed linens if you must move the furniture across the floor. Furniture pads can also protect the floor if furniture will be pushed across it. However, the best option would be to lift the furniture. 

- Shoes:  Make a habit of having your family to remove their shoes when they enter the home. This is something that can also be enforced when you have company. Certain types of shoes can damage hardwood flooring. Examples of shoes that can cause damages are cleats and spiked high heel shoes. 

- Dirt:  Even mud and grime can be a problem if they are allowed to sit on hardwood floors for long periods of time. Remember, cleaning your floors will be easy and can extend their finish. 

A hardwood flooring installer or supplier are both good resources to use to learn more ways to keep your floors looking great. They can also help you determine the best type of wood and finish for your floors based on your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.