Basics Of Epoxy Flooring For Your Commercial Space

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Basics Of Epoxy Flooring For Your Commercial Space

11 January 2017
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When it comes to finishing the floors in that new storefront you just secured, one of the things you should think about is coating the floor with an epoxy treatment. Whether you're unfamiliar with epoxy floors or you've overlooked them due to misconceptions, understanding some of the facts about these floors may help you decide if they're right for your new business space. Here's a look at a few of the things you should know about epoxy floor coating.

It's More Than Just Paint

Many people confuse epoxy flooring with paint because it resembles it in texture before it's applied to the floor. The fact is that epoxy flooring is very different from paint both in composition and in finish. Paint dries in a thin layer and maintains a consistency that's easy to flake and chip. Epoxy is much more durable. It's a blend of hardeners and epoxy resins that formulate a solid, bonded coating on the floor. Epoxy is far more resistant to chemicals, physical damage, and other hazards than paint.

Epoxy Lasts Longer With A Little Prep

Epoxy coatings need to have a proper surface to create the bond necessary for a lasting finish. The best place to start is with an acid etching product. The acid etching will clean the surface of the concrete and create a texture required for the epoxy to form that bond. If you want to work with a professional flooring specialist, they will bring in equipment like grinders outfitted with diamond blades. The diamond blades will grind the surface of the concrete enough to create that same bonding texture.

Epoxy Floors Last For Years

With some flooring materials, you need to reapply them or seal them every year or two. This can be disruptive to your business and can be costly as well. With epoxy flooring, it can last for years as long as the resin compound is mixed properly and the floor is applied correctly. If you've never applied an epoxy coating, you may find that you'll want to work with a flooring contractor to ensure that you avoid these problems.

You may also need to replace the floors if you don't care for them. Epoxy flooring should be kept clean. Make sure you sweep the floors on a daily basis and mop them regularly. In addition, make sure that you keep sharp objects away from the floor surface. Epoxy hardens well, but it can be vulnerable to chipping and scratching. Consider placing pads underneath your shelving units and other sharp objects on your floors.

Epoxy Floors Are Versatile

Unlike the acid etchings and similar treatments for concrete, you're not as limited when you're treating your floors with epoxy. Not only can it be mixed in a wide variety of colors (including custom colors), you can even use textures to add grip to the floor. Things like large-textured glitter pieces, sand, fine-ground gravel, paint chips, and other textured items will all serve as a non-slip surface. When the epoxy is spread on the floor, scatter the texture chips across the wet surface. That way, the chips dry into the surface and become a permanent part of it. This is important with commercial environments as it reduces the risk of slip-and-fall injuries.

With the information here, you can see why epoxy floors are an ideal option for commercial spaces. If you are interested in exploring your flooring options, talk with a flooring contractor about the possibility of an epoxy floor in your company colors. You can even discuss the benefits of replacing an existing floor with epoxy for a more durable and long-lasting finish.